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Client Case Study - Seedlip

Seedlip is a company based out of the United Kingdom that I've been working with. They're a non-alcoholic spirit company that makes a wide range of products for use in making sophisticated high end cocktails. I prefer to use the term cocktail rather than mocktail when describing what they do because I don't want to seperate and single it out. Non-alcoholic drinks deserve the same attention to detail as any other cocktail and the spirits that they make are on par or better than most other brands.

Seedlip has been hiring me on an ongoing basis to shoot marketing materials for the company. Primarily were doing shoots with brand partners of Seedlip here in NYC. Specifically bars and restaurants that carry Seedlip and use their spirits to make non-alcoholic drinks. It's taken me to a lot of venues that I've been to previously and taken photographs at for other clients but it's also expanded my reach to new places with new interesting people to meet.

Bartender making drinks at Madre in Brooklyn Bartender posing for a portait in New York City Non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip being used to make a cocktail a green drink sitting on top of a bar

Whats made working with Seedlip fun for me is that they have a fun brand to play off of. They're trying to attract a younger more hip demographic. They have a specific guidline for what they're looking for and the brand style which is always helpful for me as a photographer. But at the photoshoots I have creative freedom to explore and try things to see what works and what doesn't. Because they're a more natural brand I'm always looking to pair the cocktails with something natural. A flower or plant, or just in general something organic in shape or form. Because they're not onsite for the shoots I always try to give them a couple of options to choose from. I always love it when the client is onsite to provide immediate feeback but I'm commfortable working independantly too. It varies depending on the job and the needs of the client.

I love that they have me photograph the bartenders as they're making the cocktails. Bartenders are often fun charming people and I love capturing them in a moment of honest human connection. That reaches out through the internet and grabs customers halfway around the world. In another lifetime I'm going to persue my passion of being a portrait photographer full time. But for now I'm happy to photograph the occasional bartender or chef. I love photographing lots of things and even have other passions outside of photography but it's helpful for me as a professional to have something specific that I focus on. And I'm really lucky to be a photographer of all things edible.

cute bartender making a cocktail at the restaurant Llama San Bartender making a drink while looking into the camera A Peruvian cocktail photographed at the restaurant Llama San in Manhattan
Will Engelmann
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