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Client Case Study - NH Collection Hotels

A cocktail with a lime and flower garnish.

NH Collection Hotels is an international brand of hotels with a location here in NYC. You’ll find it on east 38th street in Midtown. Stroll in through the open doors and you’ll find a big expansive lobby with lots of comfy couches and intimate little nooks. At the end there’s a bar which is where you’ll find these delicious and interesting cocktails and a happy smiling bartender who’s ready to make them. It's the perfect place to unwind after a long flight or have an intimate staycation with your significant other.

For this shoot we wanted to create some interesting little vignettes. The lobby is full of interesting little knick knacks that we used as props. Because they’re an international brand their marketing director couldn’t be onsite and I worked with their bartender and PR agent to come up with these scenarios. We took safety shots where it was just the cocktail by itself. But I love how the props help to bring the cocktails to life and give them an attitude. Just simple little elements. A book with the title Fashion and a old camera looking over the shoulder of the cocktail. Or the model car sitting on the blue velvet chair. A gentle color story and a choice made to play off the yellow of the cocktail and the green of the garnish. It’s a little bit playful and a little bit sophisticated and the kind of visual story that gets the viewers attention.

Flower garnished cocktail orange and mint garnished drink cherry and lemon drink sophisticarted cucumber cocktail in a blue setting blue velvet chair with a yellow drink fashionable cocktail a drink overflowing with flowers
Will Engelmann
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