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Client Case Study - Antica Pesa

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Antica Pesa is an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. It's owned and run by the Panella family which has a long history providing people with a great dining experience. I've worked with them for several years now, we've done more photoshoots together than I can count and they're always a pleasure to work with.

For their restaurants I've photographed a wide range of subjects. From the food, portraits of people who work there, a wide range of fun projects and of course the cocktails. They're constantly trying to find new and interesting ways to impress their guests so that they keep coming back.

Coffee cocktail being made by an Italian bartender

I try to produce work for them that's sophisticated but also fun. Because that’s really what their brand is about. They’re a sophisticated restaurant that serves black truffles paired with thousand dollar bottles of wine but in a way that’s not stuffy and uptight. They really want to make the experience fun for their guests and I try to reflect that in the photographs that we produce for their website, social media and press releases. I hate the word content because it feels like you’re just filling a space. Killing time. Content is like waiting for the bus. The work that we make together is anything but waiting for the bus. Unless that bus has a secret speakeasy in back where you can sip delicious wine and pair it with cacio e pepe.

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